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Advantages in Chromatography ​

  • Superior impurity profile 
  • Better Outcomes for Analytical Chemistry 
  • Waste Reduction by Result Optmiziation 
  • Less errors requiring repeat experiments
  • minimal rework, greater reproducibility of results, less challenging methods transfer, improved instrument sensitivity, and greater accuracy
  • Improved the signal-to-noise ratio, which determines the lowest limit of detection
  • Peak shape Optimization 
  • optimize their testing procedures, while reducing the amount of waste by minimizing the need to repeat experiments
  • Improved analytical performance –assuring accurate and valid test results
  • Improved Background Noise and therefore Improved Sensitivity 
  • Reduced Time and Cost: less repeat testing 

Key Facts

  • Efficacy Studies of the Solvents 
  • high consistency from lot-to-lot  
  • premium brand
  • individual superior  impurity profile of the solvent (quenching effects)
  • Lower Risk in the pharmaceutical sector or biotechnological sector of releasing a product without proper purity and identity

Areas of Application

For critical analytical procedures

Customers with critical trace-detect requirements, as a better S/N ratio enables significantly lower detection limits and testing bio-samples

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